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Contributor II
Contributor II

For Each QS sheet its own filters ( Defaults filters)

I have a question about how can we separate filtres in a QS App to have for each sheet its own filtres ?
I have a QS App made up of several sheets . I want to seperate the filtres , because i have some sheets request some defaults filters , thoses filtres must be already selected by defaults at the level of this sheet without influence the other sheets. 

Thank you in advance for your feedbacks.  

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This isn't really how Qlik is meant to work...

Best bet for something like that would probably be to place each sheet in a separate state.

You could look into using bookmarks or button actions to clear the current selections, make the new default selections, and switch sheets. You could also use sheet actions to do this when a user switches sheets, though this is less intuitive in my view. Note that either option will override the previous selections, meaning when you go back to the original sheet, it won't remember your selections and will revert to the default ones.