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Formatting Trend line of a line chart in Qlik sense

Hi People. I am trying to use line chart which has trend line for different years. I want the different lines to be formatted differently- viz., dotted, chain, chain dotted etc. Is it possible to do it in Qlik sense? I know it can be done in Qlik view.

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You need an extension for this.

You can try "Any Chart" on the Qlik Branch site.


May be this:

Can you try this link:

Can you try this Expression:

The expression below needs to be used and calculated as a new measure

linest_m(total aggr(if(sum(Sales),sum(Sales)),OrderDate),OrderDate) *

only({1}OrderDate)+linest_b(total aggr(if(sum(Sales),sum(Sales)),OrderDate),OrderDate)

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By trend line I meant line graph. So I don't want all the lines to be continuous so that people are able to distinguish between them even if they are not able to discern colors.