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Contributor II
Contributor II

Formatting segment labels and totals labels differently + some barchart styling.

Hello Qlik community! I hope you are all doing well.

I want to create a bar chart where I have 2 measures and 1 dimension. I want the measures stacked and i want the segment label to show as if formatted as a percentage (%) and the totals on top of the stacked bars to be in numbers (10000)

is this possible to pull off? I managed to do it with format set to "Measure expression" and writing the following:

Sum(Value1)&'    '&(Num((SumValue1)/(Sum(Value1)+Sum(Value2))*100 ) , '0.00')&'%' for measure 1

Sum(Value2)&'    '&(Num((SumValue2)/(Sum(Value1)+Sum(Value2))*100 ) , '0.00')&'%' for measure 2

but this shows both the number and the percentage (1000 55%) on the segment, while the totals remain a normal sum of all the segments as a normal number.

is there a feature available to make this happen?

also is there a way to round the edges of the barchart? much like how the pie chart has a curve for the pies that makes each slice look round on its edges. it would be nice to add that styling feature for barcharts as well as the segements in the charts too.


thanks in advance!

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