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Contributor II
Contributor II

How merge several fields of flags into 1 field

On the main table transaction (which has over 100 million records) I have 10 flag fields with the value 0 or 1 ([field1_flag], [field2_flag], ..., [field10_flag]). I want to change all flag fields to 1 flag field type of binary (maybe string)  (eg: [all_fields_flag]) with values like: 000010001. I want take value from field [all_fields_flag] eg: 5 character and multiply with another field of transaction field. Do You have example about this? Thanks in advance.

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Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Please try:

[field1_flag]&[field2_flag]&[field3_flag]&[field4_flag] etc.

will give you the string wanted '0010101010'

So you are just concatenating the fields with '&' character