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Contributor II
Contributor II

How to create a moving average line chart in QlikSense


I am beginner to QlikSense.

I met this problem recently.

Raw dataset: 10 locations, 5 KPI indicators per location. (same set of 7 indicators)

I computed average for 5 KPI per location. Now there is one average per location.

Then, I did a total to display in the table Total Average for all 10 locations.

All the above computed data are not store in a new table, they are computed using measure with formula and displayed directly,

Now, my requirement is to plot a line chart of the total average over a period of time (can be 1 month, 1 year, 2 year etc...) for  "selected/filtered location & selected/filtered KPI"

e.g. yearly moving average trending:

  1. Year 2013 Sept to Year 2014 Aug -> Total Average :
  2. Year 2013 Oct to Year 2014 Sept -> Total Average :
  3. Year 2013 Nov to Year 2014 Oct -> Total Average :
  4. Year 2013 Dec to Year 2014 Nov -> Total Average :

Use these 4 Total averages to plot as 4 dots on the Line chart.

I saw QlikView can do moving arrange using Rangave()

Can it work for QlikSense, and in my case, the Total Average is based on a computed averages (must I store them in one new column first?)

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Would you be able to provide raw data and expected output from that raw data to help you better?

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Sunny,

Thanks for your reply.

Give me sometime to mask my data and will upload together with my dashboard application.

Happy New Year!

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Sunny,

Please see my dataset attached.

The summary tab is the computed averages for checking purpose.

Please also check the application attached. I am able to achieve the line chart by location, by month, by year.

However, I also need to have a line chart that is presenting moving averages, like every one point is a total average of a selected period (e.g. 6 months: Sept 14 - Feb 15, Oct 14 - Mar 15, Nov 14 - Apr 15, Dec 14 - May 15 ...)

Feel free to contact me if you are unclear about the requirement.

Thank you.


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Wenjun,

Did you  have a solution for the above requirement ?. I am also looking for the same kind of result.