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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to create filters on color

Hello Experts,  

                              I always come to you with expectations of getting some solution and always I received some. Thanks.


I have 2 columns in a table  where I have current value and previous value and based on that I calculate the % of value difference in Qliksesnse through  a new measure say "% DIFF" and I color  the field in a PIVOT table  by checking it's value for some ranges like , >50% RED(), >30%, AMBER and rest GREEN.

Now I want to have a filter where  the user will be able to filter on these percentages or COLOR codes. Say if the user wants to see only the RED colors or >50%. Can someone please help.


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Creator II
Creator II

As data in selection state will change as per diff filters.. you need to create Calculated Dimension

Use below template:

if(<Master Measure> <condition> , <Required Values>)
,<Dim List>



Master measure: (Growth)

( sum(Sales) / sum(PreviousSales) ) - 1


Master Dimension:(Color)

  if(Growth < 0 , 'Red', 'Green')