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How to display 2 values if they are tied for first place via FirstSortedValue()

Hi Need some help here. 

Want to know how do I display 2 items that are tied in rank using FirstSortedValue() 

1) by Created Week  - FirstSortedValue(Distinct [L3 Stream],-Aggr(Count(Distinct {<[Problem Created Date]={'>=$(=WeekStart(today(),0,0))<=$(=WeekEnd(today(),0,7))'}>} [Problem ID*+]),[L3 Stream]),1)

2) by Created Month - FirstSortedValue(Distinct [L3 Stream],-Aggr(Count(Distinct {<[Status*]-={'Draft','Cancelled'},[Problem Created Date]={'>=$(=MonthStart(today(),0))<=$(=MonthEnd(today(),0))'}>} [Problem ID*+]),[L3 Stream]),1)

Want the top 2 to show both tied items instead of just 1 item.

Cash & Payment,  Digital Banking Technology


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