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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to find if value exist before in date column

Hello all,

i need help with this kind of expression.

I have table like this,

key,name,vendor,host,date, ... columns (key is created with name&'|'&vendor&'|'&host)

i have to show new records on table, but not if name is avaible in older date.

in order this i check max(date) and max(date,2)  and flag records on key field if its current on maxdate and not current on maxdate2.


now on the table object i need to show new records. But i cant make it, not show if NAME vlaue exists on older date. qlik not let me use exist() func. on table object.


i tried this expression =If (flag=1 and aggr(Count({1}date),name) =1,name,null()) to get it but it miss some data like this example.

if same name on the same maxdate(same name value can be on different host) makes it date count more than 1 and miss this row on the table. How can i achieve to show new records on table object while, exclude if name value exits on older date? 😞

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@BTIZAG_OA  not sure I am following that. Please share sample data with expected output

Contributor III
Contributor III