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Contributor III

How to join when destination table doesnt have unique records

My FACTS table has a field COPAKey.  It is not unique.

I have another table called Billing where COPAKey is unique.  The billing table has a field QTY that has the quantity for each of these records.

Anything I attempt results in the QTY getting overstated (multiplied by the # of records in the FACTS table)

I want to 'move' these records and the correct QTY to the FACTS table and then drop the Billing table because later i will be grouping the data to reduce the size of the dataset


2 Replies

Not sure but what if you only move QTY field to the Fact table using applymap, for that you would need to create a map table using COPAKey and QTY. But then QTY will also repeat for each row of COPAKey in the FACT table.



Maybe you can concatenate instead of joining?