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Map diagramm does not respect set analysis in color

I have created a map with a postal code dimension. The regions are supposed to be colored with a simple count function that should ignore calendar selections. When I create a straight table with the exact same dimension and measure, the filter for Year is ignored, but for the map, the filter is (wrongly) applied.

See here: 


The measure is: count({1}[Kundenpotentiale.D&B-ID])

The dimension, which encodes a postalcode is: [Kundenpotentiale.PLZ5stellig]





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Specialist II
Specialist II

Hello @fzalexanderjohn, thanks for posting to our Qlik Community. Which version of Qlik Sense are you using? Is it Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows or Qlik Sense Enterprise on SaaS? Also, could you share a sample app so I can try to test it? 🙂 Thanks a lot!

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