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Masking data


I am at present for the discovery of the software Qlik Sense, and having discovered the power of this software, I shall like going even farther. I have a table (in 4 columns) with data inside.

I shall thus like knowing if it is possible to mask data (and not delete). Example, I have a list of car with their color, I shall like masking quite the cars of red color.

I know that there is a possibility of using the bookmark. Would it be possible to mask elements inserted into these bookmarks?

Thank you in advance

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Creator II
Creator II


Do you want to hide the data only for some objects or from entire application?

only for some objects means, you can use set analysis to exclude those particular cars from the calculation.

also you can use section access(only in Qliksense server) to exclude it for some users.


Prabhu Appu