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Multiple colors in Pivot cell turning white

Hi Qliksense Experts and developers,

I have an issue with Pivot table color where cells turn white with an occurrence of multiple colors instances taking place in example a particular month. I'm trying to assign another color value to cell if there happens to be more than 1 color occurrence in that particular cell where Horizontal axis is by Months as show in the  screenshot.

White background cellsWhite background cells


Color expression i used below for the above is: 

if(Dimensionality()<>0 and secondaryDimensionality()<>0,
pick(match([TRO Due],'Missed TRO','TRO Due in 2 Mnths','TRO Due > 2 Mnths'),lightred(),rgb(255,190,0),lightgreen()))

The white background cells occur when the cell has more than 2 values. I'm looking to assign other colors to the cell if they are  2 or more values in the mix. 

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Hi Keitaru,

Try this

if(Dimensionality()<>0 and secondaryDimensionality()<>0,
pick(wildmatch( CONCAT(DISTINCT [TRO Due],' ') ,'Missed TRO','TRO Due in 2 Mnths','TRO Due > 2 Mnths','*'),lightred(),rgb(255,190,0),lightgreen()),lightblue())

Hope it helps,