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Paired samples t-test Qlik Sense

I'm looking for some functions in Qlik Sense for executing a paired samples t-test.

I saw it was possible in Qlik View, but I couldn't find it in Qlik Sense.

Has anyone an idea how to execute a paired samples t-test in Qlik Sense?

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Leaving this here in case anyone has the same question.

It appears that at this time Qlik Sense does NOT have a Paired T-Test Capability. Fortunately, the formula for this test is pretty simple. You can first calculate the t value using the Paired T-Test formula located on this site. Then you can use the TDIST() function to calculate your P value.

This is what your formula in qlik should look like:


where D is an array of the differences between your groups, and N is your population size.

Perhaps Qlik Sense has yet to integrate this directly in to their statistical packages because of the simplicity of user-implementation.

Hope this helps!