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Parsing JSON data with loop from Pivot Table

Hi guys, 

I'm using a Rest API connection which creates separated tables according to the JSON structure.

Basically, it creates tables defining Rows and their elements, Columns and their elements and the intersection (cells) with it values. 

Because these structures are not in tabular format and some transposes are needed before, I think it should be resolved through Loops. 

I read other threads before start this new question but I think it's not the same case because, in my opinion, the data is not embedded but sparse in different tables ,and perhaps, we need to create a loop for columns, a loop for rows and update elements one by one.




When I extract the same table directly from the source, the structure is like the following: API.png


...After the extraction using the API, the information is splitted in several tables:

  • Axes are: 1 for Columns (in blue), 2 for Rows (in green)
  • Hierarchies: give us information about element names. For the example, in Rows (axis2) we have 10 elements.
  • Tuples: Give us information about number of rows. For the example we have 12 rows.
  • Members: Each tuple is a combination of members.
  • Cells: Give us the intersection between columns and rows. For the example, we just have one column.

I tried several options but my main blocking points are transpose the data and update elements using loops.

Any advise, suggestion or solution is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi David,

I am facing a similar issue and looking for some help to get the data in tabular format from JASON code. Did you find any solution for this?