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Contributor III
Contributor III

Performance with Set Analysis. Number VS String

Hi everyone 

I'm trying to improve App performance, a lot of the "Set Analysis" are with a string. 

I wonder if switching to a number will improve performance

for example -  

Now  --> Count ({<approved = {'yes'}>} Orders)

Change to -- >  Count ({<approved = {1}>} Orders)      (1 = Yes , in Data model)

Will it improve? In reality the formulas are longer...

I would love to know if there is a tool or way to measure performance improvement



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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

In set analysis, there is no difference in performance between using string and numeric for modifier values.  The internal logic always uses a string test. 

You can measure expression performance in your app using QSDA Pro.  Another tool for doing command line expression performance testing is CubeTester.



Contributor III
Contributor III

Thank you Rob !