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Publishing a sheet with a Drill Down dimension to Read Only Users

I am able to create very useful drill down dimensions in Qlik Sense Enterprise and include in charts.  However, other users with read access to the same published version of the sheet do not see the drill down dimension.  When they access the sheet everything appears fine except the chart that uses the drill down dimension (that chart says "incomplete visualization").  When the user duplicates and edits that chart, the dimension that isn't found is the Drill Down dimension.

The only way I could get the Drill Down dimension to work on published sheet for the other user was to give that user the "Content Admin" role.  Once I did that, the other user's could use everything fine.

The problem is that I don't want to grant all users access to the "Content Admin" role.  Most user will have read access only.

Is this a bug, or is there some trick or security setting that I should use to be able to publish charts with "Drill Down" dimensions to users with Read access?   Thanks.

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Creator III
Creator III


if I have well understood you have done an app and then published it: the users can see also other dimensions in the library -if you are using it- drill down or not?

Are you using a section access?


We are experiencing this same issue and yes, we are using section access.

Basically when we published an app, the user that created the app (me) can see the Drill down dimension but the end users can't which forces some visualizations to appear as "Incomplete Visualization"

Is anybody able to help with this matter?