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Qlik Sense Stream Management Security Rules and Exception Management

Hello all, i followed the video on setting this up for the first step of the process but it doesn't work as shown. I am using the latest version 3, does anyone know if this logic is still valid?

I'm including the video URL:

Qlik Sense Stream Management Security Rules and Exception Management - YouTube

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Hi Walter - the logic is indeed still valid.  Did you get it working?


Creator III
Creator III

I tried it today on 3.0.2. It's not working for me. Not sure of what I'm doing wrong yet. I'm very close because when I do an audit, I get a yellow result for the app that has the same custom property value as my test user.


My Stream Rule:



Resource Filter: App*



Actions: Read



Conditions: (resource.resourcetype = "App" and resource.stream.HasPrivilege("read") and resource.@AppLevelMgmt.empty()) or ((resource.resourcetype = "App.Object" and resource.published ="true") and resource.app.stream.HasPrivilege("read"))




My Exception Rule:



Resource Filter: App_*



Actions: Read



Conditions: ((resource.stream.HasPrivilege=("read")) and (user.group=resource.@AppLevelMgmt))



Context: Only in hub




My Custom Property



Name: AppLevelMgmt



Resource types: Apps,Users



Value: Qlik Territory Management & Analysis



My AD Group



Qlik Territory Management & Analysis


Creator III
Creator III

Still testing, but the issue seems to have been tied to my exception rule:


The fix,


Remove (resource.stream.HasPrivilege=("read") from the rule syntax:


(resource.stream.HasPrivilege=("read") and user.group=resource.@AppLevelMgmt)


So that it looks like this: