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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlik sense chart

Hi All, I use the attached bar chart to visualize the measures by Weeks. These weeks is based on the fiscal calendar I updated as a direct table to my app.

 Is it possible to view or differentiate the weeks dimension by showing which week falls under which month? lets say- WK18-WK21 are the weeks that fall under the Month of May. Is it possible for two dimensions exist at a same time in this bar chart? So that user can not only see the Weekly summary but also know at which month do these weeks belong to? Dimension- Rolling 13 weeks-=if(Date>= WeekStart(Today()-91) and Date<= WeekStart(Today()-7) , [Week Number]) Alternate Dimension- Month-=if(Date>= WeekStart(Today()-365) and Date<= WeekStart(Today()-7) , [Month])

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Creator II
Creator II

logically this is not correct, you need to represent the dimension either in week or months because a week can have 2 months in it(i.e. it could be a end of the month and start of the another month), in this case how does the system decide which month to show. 

you can try concatenating a dimension with Week, Month and Year and you shall see some week numbers will repeated for months.