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Creator III
Creator III

Quarter Function



Can some one help me here


i have Quarter field and values like below


Q118, Q218, Q318, Q418,Q119


but i want to get max Quarter as Q119  how can i write

and next should be Q418

and Next should be Q318

and Next should be Q218

and Next should be Q118

i need 5 variables for above.


Best Regards,


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Master II
Master II

maxstring(right(fieldname,2)& left(fieldname,2))
Learning never stops.
Master II
Master II

I am sorry , i thought you want it to be sorted try below for indivisual value

firstsortedvalue(dim, -num(right(dim,2) & mid(dim,2,1)),1)
firstsortedvalue(dim, -num(right(dim,2) & mid(dim,2,1)),2)
firstsortedvalue(dim, -num(right(dim,2) & mid(dim,2,1)),3)
firstsortedvalue(dim, -num(right(dim,2) & mid(dim,2,1)),4)
firstsortedvalue(dim, -num(right(dim,2) & mid(dim,2,1)),5)
Learning never stops.