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Creator III
Creator III

Receiving below error while extracting data from ServiceNow API

Hi Team,

We have established a REST API connection with Service Now API. However while extracting data we are getting below error.

Anyone has any idea about this error. Please let me know what could be the reason for this error. We have tried by giving different pagination counts but still giving error. Sometimes its loading.



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Creator II
Creator II


Are you able to post an example of the Rest data connection parameters and options you use to connect Qlik Sense to ServiceNow. I am using basic authentication and the connection test works but it seems to not be able to identify the response type.

Any assistance appreciated.


Creator III
Creator III

Hi Shaun,

The above issue is resolved. There was connectivity issue form ServiceNow.

Firstly, sorry for the late reply.

do you know which type of response that you are receiving from your serviceNow server. You need to check this with your service now Admin. Once you know the content-type just check if you are receiving response from server using POSTMAN tool. Also you need to mention content-type as json as shown below.



In QLik Sene REST connector settings you can mention the same as below under Query Headers Settings.



By the way i am also using Basic Authentication. I hope this helps.