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Scheduled Reloads stuck in 'Queue' on Qlik Business Cloud

Hi Everyone,

I am (or a customer rather) is experiencing failed reloads on Qlik Business Cloud. There are 10 apps and each is scheduled to reload at a different time of day (avoiding any concurrency limits). Every day the client has to manually reload each app. Multiple scheduled tasks end up having a 'Queue' Status (see below). App size is well under the limits and app reload times are sub 5 minutes. It is just frustrating that the tasks do not work - has anybody else experienced this?

One thing I've noticed is that after development and setting of the schedule, I pass ownership to the app to my client's user account. The two which I still own have reloaded, so I wonder if the current owner of the app has to set the schedule. Any help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks!




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