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Scheduled Reports do not refresh and contain old data

I'm very sure this is not an 'App Development' topic - but here goes:

The scheduled report section, to send out daily emails, sends out a PDF with a dashboard, every day at the right time. However, the data in that report is still the same data as when the 'subscription' was created - it does not refresh.

The actual Sheet of course does refresh, and when I log in to view the actual dashboard all is well - but for some reason the PDF that I get still has the old data. 

Yes, I did remove the report and add a new one - same problem.

Using Qlik Cloud.

Looking for someone to help me solve this.

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Did you ever find a solution for this?  We just implemented Qlik Cloud and are running into the same problem.  This could be a good feature, but we currently cannot use it because of this issue.  Thanks.