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Selecting a column to use as a denominator based off a value selection

I'm creating a graph that I need to change based on the selection being chosen.


  • I have a table with many events, I will call my Event Table. Each has a unique ID number and it has a Location column where the events happen.
  • I also have a Denominator Table that is organized by the column Month-Year. There is a unique value for each Month-Year and for every row, let's say Jan 2016, there are different columns based off of Location  information that I will need to use as a denominator in order to create summaries for the Event Table on a Month-Year basis.
  • I would like to automate this as much as possible where if I select a Location (from the Event Table) on a drop down menu on the Qlik Sense Dashboard, it will use that selection to automatically change a graph to select the right column in the DenominatorTable to divide the Count # of Events for that specific Location

I am having trouble trying to find that right language (unsure if GetFieldSelections will work) to match a column based off a selection. I am envisioning something similar to Index/Match in Excel but I am unsure where to start looking

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Can you explain little with data?
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