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Task config: Only run a task if ONE of the other three tasks events before are successful?


I have a question about creating a Task in Qlik Sense QMC.

I want to set-up a QVD loading task where the task should only execute if ONE of the three tasks events before it was successful.

Is something like this possible?


New Task: Load QVD 4

Task Event for it:

Status: Successful Task: Load QVD A

Status: Successful Task: Load QVD B

Status Successful Task: Load QVD C

So Load QVD 4 should only load if ONE of QVD A, B, or C tasks ran successfully.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi @jblomqvist ,

Yes, it is possible in Qlik Sense. You need to set up tasks for all apps (QVD A, QVD B, QVD C and QVD 4) in QMC as first step. Then , please set a trigger for QVD 4 task-
1. Edit the task QVD 4.
2. Go to Triggers, select Action, choose 'Create New Task Event Trigger'.
3. Give a trigger name ( can be anything as Reload for QVD 4).
4. At the bottom, go to 'Task', add task. There will be two options available, task on success/task on Failure.
5. Select task on Success and add task 'QVD A', again add new task for QVD B and so on.
6. You can also add in case any of dependent app fails and still you want QVD 4 to b reloaded, chose Task on failure and add task name.
I have attached a screenshot for reference.

Hope find it helpful.





Anjali Rai