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Top 10 Accounts by Hour of Day

I am trying to present in a Stacked Bar chart the Top 10 Accounts by Hour of the day.  Specifically, I want to see the Top 10 Client within each our of the day based upon their  number of Calls for that hour.

I have the graph presenting the hours, and showing the accounts but it seems as though I am only getting the Top 10 for the day, and then showing each of their call volumes for each hour of the day.. which is NOT what I am looking for.  I want to see Account 100 if they had the most calls in the 4pm hour even if they were not in the top 10 for the day.  Additionally, I am only seeing 1 account for the first hours of the day..  

Here is the formula I have in the Accounts Bar and I am NOT including nulls




The measures is 

Count({<[Call Type]={'Live'}, Answered={">=1"}>}Distinct(UCN))

What am I missing.. and THANK YOU in advance

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Try this as measure?

Count(TOTAL <Date> {<[Call Type]={'Live'}, Answered={">=1"}, Time={'4 PM'}>}Distinct(UCN))

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