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Contributor III
Contributor III

Tree / Network / Hierarchy charts for Qliksense?

There appear to be just two extensions available on Github / Qlikbranch that do this task.

( For QlikSense  - there are a boatload for QlikView  - but these can't be imported to Sense)


The goal is to display visually all inter-dependency between VBA procedures.   I have a 50% working example, but I don't trust the data it's displaying, as it doesn't totally correlate to the data imported .


So far I have tried  :

Network Vis Chart

This doesn't appear to show all relationships ,  and relies on forcing usage of integer ID's for each node, rather than a text field ( means a nightmare in creating/joining lookup tables ) 

Where I'd expect to have a parent Node and say, 80+ Child Nodes, not everything is drawn.  I've switched around the dimensions so the Parent/Child ID + Label are inverse, but to no avail.

Network Diagram Extension

This works with smaller test data sets, but appears to fall over when I bring in 2000 + nodes. 


I basically want to just show the following data as a tree chart :


Using Network Vis Chart , this does render - however  - I'll see a node where know there are 3 child objects, and it'll display one. 

This also doesn't appear to let the user drill into that one set ( it works on about 20% of clicks to show only child nodes related to parent ) 



Is there something else out there that'd accomplish this task?   I'd have thought this'd be something that'd be quite popular, but I may not be searching for the correct terms to find the particular chart/extension I'm looking for. 


 Any suggestions? 


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Contributor II
Contributor II

Same as you.. is there any network chart which works???



you can try this extension


you can use Line Layer Chart  refer my post here




Hope this resolve your issue.
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Contributor III
Contributor III

Unfortunately the Skokenes link is the one I referred to in my post - which doesn't have the complexity of depth necessary. 

The line chart would work I guess.  

I'm tempted to try implementing the viz chart from scratch, the version in the post doesn't utilised all the features of the vis.js source it's based on.

When I build a network diagram from the same data in excel - the connections appear spot on (I.E. where there's a function that is reference by ~100 other subs or functions, it clearly shows ~100 connections, instead of the 10 or so shown in the viz network diagram. 


Contributor II
Contributor II

This works with smaller test data sets, but appears to fall over when I bring in 2000 + nodes. 

Contributor II
Contributor II


did you finally manage to solve the problem ? 

I am in the same situation and I would like to know if other extentions exist besides the 2 you mentioned.

Thank you in advance


There is a network chart available in the Visualisation bundle for Sense, which is an optional install. It is based on an open-source project but is fully supported by Qlik. Test it against your use case and if it doesn't meet requirements please create an Idea in the Qlik Ideas Community page for enhancements.

Qlik Help link for the Network Chart 

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hello !

Thank you very much for your answer. 

I tried Network vis chart and the Network diagram included in the visualization bundle.

Concerning the Network vis chart I get a problem while filtering the nodes. It seems that the chart picks nodes to be filtered in an uncorrect way. Did anyone get the same problem?

Concerning the Network diagram included in the visualization bundle it seems more robust than the Network vis chart but it changes colour while filtering, which is a quite strange behaviour for the user. Moreover formatting possibilities are very limited (you cannot define the colours of your nodes).

Thank you in advance for your help 🙂


Is Qlik Sense or any of its extensions able to display a variance analysis over several levels of several dimensions (products, customers etc.)? Each label is gradient colored based on the variance (e.g. vs. prior year).

Such a graph gives a good overview of the strucutre, but also reveals compensating effects on lower levels. In case of larger networks, it should be possible to rotate , see 0:27 in the youtube-link in the  middle. Or a deeper look in the link at the bottom, at 12:45 or 13:22

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