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Contributor III
Contributor III

Trigger in qliksense after db is refreshed

Hi All,

I want to reload my applications only after db tables are refreshed.

Is there any trigger where my code will check if db tables are refreshed then my qlik applications will run, if db tables are not refreshed then qlik application won't start.

Can anybody help to get this.


Thanks in advance!


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Can you query your DB for a date or some data point that tells you if it was refreshed? If so, add an IF statement at the beginning of your application -- if the query shows the DB was refreshed, THEN proceed to rest of script, ELSE exit the script.

Since you have multiple applications, it might be more efficient to do this in just one application and save the query result to a QVD, and use that in subsequent applications.



If your DB can run scripts you may want to look at Qlik Cli. Reload could be triggered from command like the one below: 

Start-QlikTask "Reload Operations Monitor" -wait | Wait-QlikExecution



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