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Contributor II
Contributor II

Using Qlik Sense on mobile devices (June 2020 Patch 3)

I'm having troubles with Qlik Sense June 2020 Patch 3 using an app with a mobile device (both via Qlik Sense Mobile and via browser). On my laptop it obviously works correctly.

In my application, instead of filter panes (which might be uncomfortable on a smartphone), I'm utilizing buttons that set variables or apply bookmarks.

The problem is that whenever I click any button, Qlik will automatically enlarge the button in full screen, and only after that it will allow me to actually click the button. In fact, this happens with any chart in the application.

A short demonstration is attached.

I've already activated the touch screen mode but I think that's not enough. I've never actually developed an app to be used on mobile devices, but I don't remember Qlik Sense behaving this way in the previous versions.


Anyone can please help? Am I missing some specific setting?


Thank you

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Former Employee
Former Employee

@PaoloRizzato The first step is going to be to install the latest patch release, which is patch 10 in your case, so you are quite far behind.  We need to know if the newer patch release addresses the issue or not first, that is what the techs are going to ask you to do if you open a case most likely, so that is the first thing I would try here.  Would seem to be some sort of rendering defect if that is what it is.  You could try checking the Release Notes for patch 10 to see if you can find a specific defect listed there that seems to fit too.  Sorry I do not have something better for you, but hopefully this gives you a path forward.


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Contributor II
Contributor II

Thank you for your reply.

During these weeks I kept on doing tests and installed patch 9 but that didn't solve my problem. Meanwhile I submitted a case to Qlik Support and, just so you know, I also found this post in Qlik Help:

It seems to be working as designed. For example, simulating devices dimensions on Chrome, you can see that Qlik Sense changes its behaviour when you pass from 641px (where it works correctly) to 640px, as shown in the attachment.


Kind regards,