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Waterfall chart offset how to in QlikSense Server?

Please can you help?

I have created a waterfall chart in QlikSense Server using this guide - Q-Tip #10 – Waterfall Chart in Qlik Sense | Natural Synergies which gives the standard steps when the bar offset functionality is not in place in this Qlik product. I use the exact formula for the measure for the 2 dimensions (Stage, Dim) but the problem is that if the current bucket is “negative” (except for the first one), then the offset is not properly adjusted for the volume of the current amount. With the formula the offset accumulates in such a way that it shows the current negative amount as positive (except for the last but one where it is positive but again the offset is way above). I attach the app.

The point is - BB1 to start at 90 and end at 60 (not to start at 135); AA3 to start at 50 and end at 80 (not to start at 275).

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