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When filter, the order of months does not work well

I have a bar chart that should show the current month and the previous 13 months.

On the x-axis I make a concatenation of year and month (the written month, not in number). This is my fx:

=if (GetSelectedCount(AÑO)=0 AND FECHA>=(Monthstart(Addmonths(TODAY(),-12))) AND FECHA<=TODAY(),
AÑO& ' ' &(MONTH(MakeDate([AÑO],MES))),
if(GetSelectedCount(DMES)<>0 AND FECHA>=vLimiteMenor AND FECHA<=vLimiteSuperior,
AÑO&' '&IF(LEN(MES)=1,'0'&MES,MES)

  • *DMES means written month
  • *MES means numer of month
  • *vLimiteMenor means =(Monthstart(Addmonths(DATE(FLOOR(Timestamp#(MAX(FECHA))),'DD/MM/YYYY'),-12))) 
  • *vLimiteSuperior means  =DATE(FLOOR(Timestamp#(MAX(FECHA))),'DD/MM/YYYY')

When I filter, I also need to view the filtered month and the previous 13 months, so I used different methods: alternate states, method {1}... BUT WHEN FILTER, the order of concatenation does not work well.


Can someone help me? I do not know what I'm doing wrong

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