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Contributor III
Contributor III

Why does the overall sum of the table chart is not showing the correct sumed value ?

Dear all, 

As per the attached image the sum of the column at the right end is not showing the summedup value in the overall sum value. When I change the Totals function to sum its correct but based on calcuation logic the overall value is becoming wrong i.e. sum(AB) * Percentage(Ist/WUs ) should be equal to my right end column value 

i.e. when I sum up the column value it should be equal to overall sum(AB) * Percentage(Ist/WUs ). 

It will be great help if some one can help me to solve this issue. 



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Try this way?

Sum(Aggr(Sum(AB)*(Sum(Ist)/Sum(Wus)), Dis))

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hey the value is same as sum as total function. but the multplication of overall AB * Overall Percentages  is different. 

i.e. overall AB * overall Percentage is 260.000.013 but based on your logic it is 257.718.267