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alternative period for each month

Hi All,

I would like to use an alternative month period.

For example I have outgoings on daily basis but if I receive an event before the 10th of the month I would like to take it into account in the previous month except if this day (10th day's of the month) is a weekday, in that case I would like to use the previous Friday.

feb 01. feb.02 feb.03 .... feb 09 should go to jan and feb 10, feb 11 .... marc 09 should go to feb and so on (except 10th is weekend...)

I made a Mastercalendar and a new calc flag field in the backend and used set analysis in the frontend, but this doesn't handle weekdays and I think this problem can be solved in a better way.

If(If(Month(Date(McDate-9))<>Month(McDate),Month(McDate) 1,Month(McDate))=0,'December', If(Month(Date(McDate-9))<>Month(McDate),Month(McDate)-1,Month(McDate)))

as McAlternativeMonthFlag



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