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Creator II
Creator II

how to calculate amount based on discount%

Dear Team,


Hope you are doing well!!!!!!!!

i Stuck a Requirement. i am calculating amount based on discount% as per given in excel.My Amount is 900000.

want to calculate amount based on slab no.1,Slab no.2 And Slab no.3.


0-300000                             discount 35%               300000*.35=105000

300000-500000                 discount 30%              100000*.30=30000

500000-1000000                discount 25%             500000*.25=125000


900000 lakh divided in three slabs.i am giving excel according to slab wise.kindly attached the excel.


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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

I’m not sure I understand 100% but could you not do this with a nested IF statement. It looks to be similar to a threshold based discount calculation
Creator II
Creator II

Kindly send me one qvd maker.where I to calculate