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kpi object: how to set conditional color limit on something other than measure value

I am working in Qlik Sense Enterprise 3.2.  I have a strange requirement on a kpi object.  The user wants the kpi to change color according to its value.  If it's positive, he wants red; if it's negative, he wants green.  In itself, that's super easy: just set a conditional color limit (at value = 0, with positive red, and negative green).  However, he also wants the measure to always display as a positive number (even when it's really a negative number), which conflicts with the conditional color limit because the conditional color limit references the actual value of the measure, not the display value.  In fact, more generally, I think the real issue here is that he wants 2 values for the measure -- a computed value and a display value -- which I don't think can be achieved in Qlik Sense.

So, for example, the measure returns a negative number.  He wants the measure label to read something like "decreased", the value to display as a positive number (to not confuse the user with the "decreased" verbiage), and the measure value to appear in green.  If the measure returns a positive number, he wants the measure label to read something like "increased", the value to display as a positive number, and the measure value to appear in red.

Is it possible to achieve these seeming conflicting requirements?

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Contributor II
Contributor II

You can use show hide container extension to create two object, one with red color and other with green then write condition in show hide if value > 0, green will be displayed else red will be displayed.

Hope this might help you get through the users requirement.