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my button action should not interact with other chart in qliksense

i have two sliders, one slider variable is vs1 and another slider varaible vs2, i have one button, in the button i have added action select values in a field, field is delv_qty

and expression for this

if( GetFieldSelections(Period)='YTD', Concat(distinct {1<PYTD ={1},delv_qty={">=$(vs1) and <=$(vs2)"}>} delv_qty, ';'), Concat(distinct {1<PR12M ={1},delv_qty={">=$(vs1) and <=$(vs2)"}>} delv_qty, ';')),

when change the slider range and click on the button it will filter delvqty in the sheet, entire sheet is interact with buttons action filter all charts of data. but i don't want it filter all charts of data. i have several buttons , only button label display data should change  based delvqty filter button, beside  that water fall chart is there that should not interact with button action delvqty filter, Kindly let me know i avoid that intteraction, water fall dat should remain same when applyfilter filter select also. i have attached screenshot, the below highlighted buttons  should display as per Apply filter action. remaining all charts present in that should not interact




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Creator III
Creator III

Hi Swathi, I'm not sure I understood your purpose.

Here is a suggestion that I hope can be helpful. If you want some objects in your sheet not to react by selections, you can use alternate states:

Using alternate states for comparative analysis | Qlik Sense on Windows Help