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Contributor III
Contributor III

selectValues() Not selecting the right values.

Hi, Might be the wrong part of the forum to post, but seemed most suitable that I could find.

I have the following code, that when I click on the graph, will select what I have clicked and go onto the next sheet. 

onClick : function(e,e2) {
						console.log("E2: ", e2);
						console.log("ROW COUNT:" , backendApi.getRowCount())
						console.log("QData: " , qData);
						console.log("HC: " , hc);
						if(backendApi.getRowCount() == 1 ){
						} else {


This functionality  was previously working, however when i press the chart, it will select a filter on the right measure, however the wrong entry in that measure. 

the notation [e2[0]._index] returns me the index that the item clicked on is, i would assume this should filter my current selection that value and keep all selections, One of my other selections is turned off when i press the chart as well.


Any thoughts? 

Also to note

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