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Contributor II
Contributor II

text format of a part of a string

I have string fields like: 

'Booking hotel ABC'

'13-02-2020 Diner Restaurant'

'Soccermatch 123'

With this formula: 

If(wildmatch(FIELD,'*Hotel*', '*Diner*'), FIELD, nul())

I select the first and the second line with this formula. 

I want to change the color of the font of the part of the string that was matched..


'Booking hotel ABC'

'13-02-2020 Diner Restaurant'

Is this possible in Qlik? 

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Coloring of a part of a string is not possible natively in qlik, afaik. You could break the strings down into multiple fields and color them as necessary and join them back as a single string in the UI. However, there could be extension (not sure though) you might want to explore in qlik branch.