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Urgent Data Dashboard Project: Help solve urgent global water challenges with Qlik

Hello all, one of our trusted partners - Circle of Blue - asked us for help and we knew that with such an urgent timeline, some of you might want to participate or at least have a look quickly.

Below is all the information the head of CoB has provided. Please reach out to J.Carl Ganter at jcarl@circleofblue.org for more information if you want to participate. We thought it would be faster to provide everything to you directly.

**If you participate, please let me know so I can send along a special thank you from Qlik**

I cross-posted this in the Luminary Forums.

Help solve urgent global water challenges with Qlik
Over the next four weeks, Circle of Blue will publish four major series of national and international importance about the world’s water crises.. 
These have significant data components and are a place to show off your Qlik skills: 

  • Hack the Great Lakes
  • Water and sanitation globally in times of Covid

These Qlik dashboards will be published by Circle of Blue and distributed widely to those who care about (or should!) global freshwater supplies, including the World Economic Forum, policy makers, experts, and media partners. 

Details are included below
If you have the capabilities and extra gumption to help with the Great Lakes and three other Circle of Blue July sprint projects that are underway, receive an original autographed photograph of the Great Lakes taken from orbit by astronaut/cosmonaut Jerry Linenger. Having spent four months aboard MIR, Dr. Linenger knows the value of freshwater, and now lives on the Great Lakes! 
 Hack the Great Lakes - Urgent Sprint 
Help Circle of Blue finish a Qlick dashboard as the Great Lakes reach new, dangerous levels
Status: Nearly finished; needs final data links and programming

High water levels across the Great Lakes are causing billions of dollars of damage to shorelines, properties, and infrastructure. Qlik’s very first challenge partner, Circle of Blue, the NGO that reports on global water issues, has a team of super-talented interns building a dashboard that will show the changing levels in realtime. It has the potential to become the critical source for media, the public, and officials. The interns need help. They’re almost done, excepting they need about 3 hours of expert help to make the data sync with NOAA feeds and to make it look media- and TV-ready.


3-4 hours of Qlik development and design time. The dashboards are almost complete. Circle of Blue just needs a volunteer to polish and make some live data connections. As of now, our team is unclear with if and how the real-time datasets that are visualized in these dashboards will be automated to our Qlik Apps. Circle of Blue would find it extremely helpful to have someone inform our team on how the real-time datasets that we upload to Qlik are able to refresh themselves. Additionally, if a volunteer could also share with how these real-time datasets can be layered in Qlik, we would find that helpful to complete these dashboards as well. 


First to roll up their sleeves and get this done will receive a special gift kit from the shores of Lake Michigan and the Cherry Capital of the World!




Data sources:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


NOAA Great Lakes Data 






Covid-19 and WASH Hackathon - Sprint
Help Circle of Blue team repurpose Qlik dashboards, adding water and sanitation data to Covid geographical mapping


Status: Stories are underway from Africa and India, and refugee camps in Bangladesh and Syria..


Utilizing near real-time updates from the World Health Organization developed by Qlik, Circle of Blue is customizing data analytics to integrate the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) challenges of some of the globe’s most vulnerable populations on a day-to-day basis. On the front-lines with limited resources, life for refugees before the pandemic was already fraught with water supplies and sanitation challenges. Now, as the new coronavirus ravages developing nations, refugee camps already mired by water insecurity face additional complications as Covid-19 disperses through densely populated camps that lack basic supplies to deal with the first defense against the virus: handwashing and sanitation.


Visualizing the complexity of life on-the-ground in refugee camps as they face Covid-19 and WASH insecurity, what is often disconnected from the narrative is the data, often fragmented among governments NGOs, and officials operating in the camps. Uniting the comprehensive data from these actors, through the power of Qlik visualizations, we are telling untold stories and giving voice to the voiceless at a crucial moment in history. 


Data source

Various identified sources, including UN, WHO, and NGOs



Existing Qlik assets related to Covid and water 



Urgent — cases are spiking now among most vulnerable populations and aid agencies need to know the latest news and monitoring


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Hi Gillian,

My Team can help. I will contact them to the email you provided, is that right?

Best Regards



Hey Gillian, 

My team and 1 can help as well help out coming friday!