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PostgreSQL connection when publishing data from Qlik Catalog


I've installed Qlik Catalog correctly and integrated it with Qlik Sense. I don't have problem with publish job (I mean, I've configured everything correctly).

As Qlik Catalog has only a connection with Qlik Sense (I mean Data Connection in Qlik Sense) referencing Qlik Catalog's PostgreSQL, it's possible on Qlik Sense that users could select other schemas using the connection in Qlik Sense, I mean choose another schema/entity using the same connection in Qlik Sense.


For us this is a problem because users could access data from other areas. For example.

-The User A can access data from area A on Qlik Catalog. When he publish data to Qlik Sense, in the Edit Script area using the same "Data connection" he can access another schema and see data from other areas. And that would be a problem for us.


Any suggestions on how to handle this?




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Are they using Qlik Replicate? If so, that is a pretty modern tool and you can write to a bunch of different file formats such as parquet.

If they are just using old-school Qlik then it's not too bad to transition off. I moved a bunch of pipelines off of Qlikview about 5 years ago because the client wanted to use a different BI tool.