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Publish to Qlik Sense advance problem


I have problem with 'Publish to Qlik Advance' option. I go an alert:

'You have selected non-managed non-QVD entities. Their data will not be available when you publish them. Please select proceed to publish or cancel to promote them to manage first.'

When I click - 'Proceed'

Then I am getting an error: 'There was an error fetching the app list'


In error details is a long description - last two lines:

Could not fetch data from QS due to issues with connection.","localizedMessage":"core.error.code.QS_CONNECTION_ISSUE - Could not fetch data from QS due to issues with connection.","suppressed":[]}

In logs I can find also a long description (last 4 lines)


This a new installation in cloud for PoC purpose. 

Qlik sense April - windows server 2012 r2

Data Catalyst for QVD  April - Centos 7

There is no AD - I have local user in QS and recreate the same users on catalyst site. 

Users can see qvd content for QS - QDV catalog, moreover users can 'Publish to Qlik'.

The only functionality which doesn't work is 'Publish to Qlik Sense advance'


Thanks in advance for you help




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Hello Piotrek, 

Quick question : and I suspect it must be true because QVD ingestions, you say, is working. Have you
1) Export(ed) certificates from Qlik Sense using the Management Console (QMC).
2) Copied the certificates exported in step1 from the Qlik Sense server into the “certs” directory on the QDC server.


That message reads clearly that there's a cert issue, so I wanted to double check that. 

thanks, David