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Data connection with SSO and reload task

Hi everybody,

I have a data connection to a DB that must be a Single Sign On one.

Using the Data connection into a sense app the reload works just fine: the system gives the qlik user credential to the db and the connection is successful.

When I schedule my app, it runs with the sa_scheduler internal user, so I cannot access to the db and the task fails.

Is the any way to link  a domain user to the internal\sa_scheduler?

is there any way to make it work?

For the records, I'm connecting to Imapala


Thanks a lot


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Re: Data connection with SSO and reload task

You should have a look at  cloudera.qlik.com here: Home

David Freriks dfs and Chris Larsen cls at Qlik are doing amazing work to integrate Qlik with Cloudera....

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Re: Data connection with SSO and reload task

Thanks Petter!

Hi Giovanni, sorry just seeing this, I wish I would get an email when mentioned! This feature is something that will be coming soon. Be on the lookout, I believe it will be in the December 2018 release.

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Re: Data connection with SSO and reload task

Great news.

Thanks for the update.


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