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Re: Congratulations Stefan!!

Hi Experts,

looking at your answers we are learning lot, we are expecting the same support from you all.

hope will reach u guys ....

Re: Congratulations Stefan!!

Can't believe that I missed this discussion. However I lost track of point levels some time ago, maybe that could serve as an apology ?

Anyway, congratulations Stefan and thanks a lot for your continued effort in spreading and explaining your insights. Time-and-again they proved invaluable to me, often during those searches when everything seemed lost and no solution was anywhere in sight.


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Re: Congratulations Stefan!!

Congrats swuehl.

Valued Contributor

Re: Congratulations Stefan!!

Congrats swuehl

You are the perfect example for..Knowledge Grows when it shares. Thank you so much for your tremendous Support towards the community..!!

Re: Congratulations Stefan!!

Congratulations swuehl and thanks a lot for all your contribution to the community.

Re: Congratulations Stefan!!

Hallo Stefan,

congratulations from me also.

Your posts surely are among the most worthwhile reading and learning from.

The one thing I learned reading this post though is that I occasionally should look outside the QlikView forums

Looking forward to reading your next posts


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Re: Congratulations Stefan!!

Congratulations .... It was deserved.

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Re: Congratulations Stefan!!

Congratulations Stefan !

You are brilliant swuehl

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Re: Congratulations Stefan!!

Nice to see one more Legend swuehl in elite 100K group. Thanks for all the solution & learning you provided to me and others. Please keep doing it. 

Congrats, it's well deserved.

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