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Community Manager

High Five - July 2021, Rob Wunderlich


Do you know the most amazing thing about featuring our members? We get to learn a whole bunch of new things about them! Our July feature is an outstanding Community member, having over 8k posts, 15K plus solutions, and 4.5k likes on his posts while giving countless kudos to other Community members. He is a leader by example, a staple in the Community and we appreciate all the great work he puts in. We are pleased to announce, Luminary Alumni, MVP, and Qlik Partner, Rob Wunderlich!

Rob has been working in IT for 40+ years and discovered Qlik in 2006. He currently splits his professional time between coding and delivering training.  He’s participated in all the iterations of Qlik Community from the beginning.  Rob answers questions in Community because he enjoys enabling others to be successful with a great and exciting product.  He finds it rewarding to provide perhaps the one detail that lets a user move forward and get on with their project.  He continues to learn about our products and sharpen his Qlik skills by answering questions.  Rob takes care to be thoughtful and work through a problem completely.  Knowing what topics people struggle with also helps with his trainings. 

Rob expanded his passion for enabling others with the Qlik Cook book site https://qlikviewcookbook.com/ and the "Master Summit for Qlik" (https://masterssummit.com/) where he’s had the pleasure to train and meet Qlik users worldwide. Wow, amazing accomplishments!

Outside of work, Rob enjoys traveling with his wife and spending time with his four adult children and grandchild.  He loves whitewater kayaking, camping, cycling, and playing guitar. 

Join us in giving Rob a “High Five” to show him how much he is valued in the Qlik Community. Please leave a comment and give a like. Thanks, Rob for you all do! @rwunderlich 











Sue Macaluso
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Congratz @rwunderlich! It's always a please to read your comments!

Also the QDSA rocks and I'm really glad you can spend so much time on this.

Keep up the good work!


Work smarter, not harder

congrats. I Learned a lot from you. Thanks.


Contributor II
Contributor II

Robbie Wonder! Thank you! 😎