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Null Values in Pivot Table

Hi everyone,


I have a pivot table with 4 dimensions. Dimensions show also null values. For example:


Business Unit           Region           Cluster           Market

A                                     Europe          Null                 Italy

A                                     Europe          Null                 Germany

A                                     Europe          B2                    France

A                                     Europe          A56                  Spain


In this case I want that when I expand Europe, the table has to show Cluster B2 and A56 but instead of Null valus it has to show Italy and Germany. In addition to this, when I expand Europe, the table has to give me the possibility to expand Cluster B2 and A56 but not the possibility to expand Italy and Germany. In other words, when there are null values the table has to jump to the following dimension (Market in this case). I would have a situation like this:









with the possibility to expand only B2 and A56.


Thank you




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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Null Values in Pivot Table

@gabriele_qlik  Hi, are you using QlikView or Sense?  I would like to move this into the correct product forum. 

Sue Macaluso