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QlikView KPI manufacturing

Good evening,

My name is Stephen. I am a student of Industrial Engineering, Genoa.

I'm writing a thesis on Business Intelligence.

My question is this:

QlikView can be currently considered the BI suite more suitable for a management system operating in the manufacturing sector? Compared to other competitors suite?

If so, why?

thank you very much

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Re: QlikView KPI manufacturing

Hi Stephen,

We are using QlikView in the manufacturing industry to analyze data from distributed control systems like ABB:s 800xA or SattLine. To our knowledge QlikView is not commonly used to analyze production data, some have used it for logistics, but when I have met people who are using QlikView they have mainly used it for sales and economics related data.

I have not used QlikView's competitors, but in our field we also have software from the DCS vendors (ABB, Siemens,.. etc) that could be used to analyze production data in a BI like fashion either as stand alone products or within larger MES products.

Compared to thoose "native" products QlikView have both strenghts and weaknesses, so we try to use the one that fits the problem best. Generally QlikView is easier to install and get started but the data might not be easy to extract from the DCS. Native systems have direct access to the data but can be tricky to deploy and will lack the association and adaptability of QlikView.

Good Luck with your thesis

- Jonas, IT Automation, Malmö

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Re: QlikView KPI manufacturing

Thank you very much for your reply.

You are using QlikView is not it?

So, I have something to ask you.

The thing is this:

You should give a score (from 1 to 5) to the suite, in these parameters.

facility (about its use)


cost (licence + cost of minimum electronic requirements: server, memory etc)

applicability (to Mac, windows ecc)

mobile (capacity to function on tablet, smartphone..)

documentation available (about its features,functioning...)

after-sales support to customers

graphics (dashbords...)

If it's possibile, also only with some words, could you give a little motivation on your vote. (for example: I give 4/5 under speed because the suite takes an hour to analyze 3 gb of data.

thank you very very very very  much.

best regards


Re: QlikView KPI manufacturing

Hi Stephen,

Follow this link , that would redirect you to some good stuffs that you might find useful.