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Restoration/fixing of broken links from old forum?

Hi Admins/Moderators,

I was browsing the community today and noticed that a few of the thread i was interested in had solutions posted with links to other community threads which are now broken, presumably as a result of migration of the forum to a different platform.


When exporting to a text file how do I let the user select their own save path?

has a link to:


This does not work.

Over the past year, I had a number of such instances (where some of my old bookmarked links stopped working etc.) and although it was quite an annoyance, have largely ignored or worked around these issues. On most of the occasions, the links were really useful and resulted in me having 're-invent the wheel' and find alternative solutions by spending additional time and effort - something that would have be avoidable had the links worked.

I'm sure that several other user of the community would have had similar experiences. While it is understandable that there will be technical glitches following migration a system such as the qlikcommunity forum/wiki, it is still quite frustrating to find that useful content has disappeared - a system to report such content and a mechanism restore it once report would be very useful to the users of the community.

On searching the community for other post related to broken links and resolution, found these:


Broken links still persists in Qlik Community!

Possible to restore broken link to old wiki?

Reading the blog about the cleanup and related posts, it looks like there has been an exercise in progress to fix this for the past couple of years (the blog post is from Feb 2012), but from the second thread about broken links, it looks like the missing link was simply removed when reported.

Is there any update on the cleanup exercise and also, is it possibly to restore the old content into a different link and possibly redirect (instead of removing the link altogether and loosing the content ) 



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Thanks for your feedback Alex,

Unfortunately its a case by case situation- this migration predates my time here with Qlik Community. The only solution is for people to send the broken links to us or contact the poster directly to see if the link can be deleted or updated. I have already reached out to the content owner you referenced above to see if we need to update or delete his link.

Best Regards, Sara