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Community Manager

Round of Applause - August 2020, Brett Bleess

Brett Bleess.jpg

While it's hard to believe we are in August already, it does mean a new month and another opportunity for our monthly "Round of Applause". This month goes to our very own Qlik employee Brett Bleess! Brett is part of our Digital Support team,  has over 3500 posts, and countless interactions in the community. Brett is a valued partner to our team and we appreciate all of his interactions and moderation he provides.  

Brett started with Qlik in Oct 2004 and has been a part of the support organization the entire time due to his overwhelming drive to solve problems.  When he started, we were on version 6 of the QlikView product and that was the only product we had! His community presence is part of his job, however, he really enjoys spending time in the community as things tend to be a bit more laid back and collaborative than in the case environment.  Also, much of the time things are not as urgent and people tend to be much more appreciative of the help/guidance they receive. While he mainly collaborates in the QlikView product area,  when time allows, he is able to get into the Qlik Sense forum.

In his spare time, Brett enjoys doing projects around his house as well as for friends and family. He has a dedicated woodworking shop in his backyard with a full suite of tools. He really enjoys building new things and fixing old. Brett grew up on a farm and really misses working on tractors. He wants to buy a subcompact tractor, so he can do projects using the tractor.  Due to the virus tractors are in short supply, however, he is hopeful to buy one soon. 

Let's give Brett a round of applause by adding a comment and/or giving him a like! @Brett_Bleess @Courtney_Cromley @Wlad_Masi @Melissa_Potvin 


Sue Macaluso
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Well deserved Brett!  Thanks for all the work you do for our customers in the Community!



Thank you @Brett_Bleess for the great work you have done and for helping our customers to have the best experience possible when working on our product!

To help users find verified answers, please don't forget to mark a correct resolution or answer to your problem or question as correct.
Community Manager
Community Manager

@Brett_Bleess  We are grateful for all you do to make Qlik Community be such a wonderful place for everyone.  Thank you Brett. This is incredibly well deserved.  Glad you can be our first internal Qlikkie to get this recognition.  


Congratulations Brett  -- 3500 posts, wow! Thanks for all you do for our customers, partners and Qlik fans. Looking forward to seeing you again in the Raleigh office, maybe next month.

By the way, my husband is a woodworker too. Check out some of his work here

Stay safe and healthy!

Shelly Ryder


congratulations!!!!  Well deserved

Master II
Master II

Well deserved @Brett_Bleess 

Taoufiq ZARRA

"Please LIKE posts and "Accept as Solution" if the provided solution is helpful "

(you can mark up to 3 "solutions") 😉

Congratulations Brett! 3,500 posts is amazing, such a valuable contribution 

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Hi Brett,

well deserved! We met already on various postings and I really appreciate your comments and insights. Many thanks for your work within the community.

- Marcus