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Community Manager
Community Manager

Round of Applause - January 2021


 While it’s hard to believe we have entered 2021, I am sure everyone is happy to say “good riddance” to 2020! We will continue to bring bright spots to the Community this year and celebrate our outstanding members. It is an honor to introduce to you the first 2021 recipient of Round of Applause: Taoufiq, a Qlik Community member that holds one of the highest ranks in the Community, Master II.

In the two years since Taoufiq joined the Community, he has posted almost 1700 times, provided 500 solutions, has received countless likes, and has read nearly 50K posts. Taoufiq is an impactful leader in the Community.

Taoufiq told us he joined the Community because, like many others, he was impressed with the work of Sunny Talwar, Henric Cronström, Marcus Sommer, Tresesco, Kush, Vegar, and other MVPs; and wondered what they got out of it. Then one day he proposed a solution to a problem and right after, the person messaged him to say that he saved their job. How’s THAT for making a difference! He felt immense pride and subsequently began sharing with other members of the community. Taoufiq has improved his technical knowledge by conversing with others and has made many friends in the Community. They all challenge each other to find the best answer first. 

Taoufiq was born and raised in the desert in the south of Morocco. He never misses an opportunity to spend time in the desert above the oasis with palm trees and sand dunes with his wife and two children.

We are so delighted to have Taoufiq as a vital member of the Qlik Community. Please join us in recognizing him with a “Round of Applause” by leaving a comment and giving a Like to show Taoufiq how much we appreciate his leadership. @Taoufiq_Zarra @Melissa_Potvin 

Sue Macaluso
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Congratulations @Taoufiq_Zarra. Well deserved applause for your frequent and good contributions to the community.  I'm honored for beeing mentioned in your presentation.

Keep up your good contibutions, I look forward "meeting" you again in a new community forum thread. 

Plees ekskuse my Swenglish and or Norweglish spelling misstakes
Digital Support
Digital Support

Thank you for being part of our community @Taoufiq_Zarra .
Your contributions always add a lot of value for all Qlik Users!

To help users find verified answers, please don't forget to mark a correct resolution or answer to your problem or question as correct.

Congratulations @Taoufiq_Zarra we are so lucky to have you as part of the  Qlik Community!


What a legend! Thank you @Taoufiq_Zarra 





Qlikkie since 2009

Congratulations! @Taoufiq_Zarra . Well deserved. Thanks for your mention; honoured. It's nice to know more about you here. 🙂 


Congratulations  @Taoufiq_Zarra with this well deserved award! Looking forward to seeing many more of your great contributions!!


Wow @Taoufiq_Zarra  -- you're a super star for so many of our users! Thank you so much for your dedication to helping others.

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Congratulation @Taoufiq_Zarra 

If reply is satisfactory, please "Like" the post.
If reply is solution, please mark as "Correct".
Champion III
Champion III

congrats bro 🙂  @Taoufiq_Zarra