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Suggestion: Improve content display on front (landing) page

I know this is a new platform and things are still shifting and changing, but I'm finding the front page very frustrating to use, specifically:

* Recent blog posts aren't shown and I have to go out of my way to check for new blog posts

* Most recent posts are shown across all sub-communities instead of split based on category and there is no way to filter them either

* No actual content is shown on the front page above the fold - it's just imagery and a search box, meaning scrolling is necessary 100% of the time to actually view content


Please consider improving the front page (after a user has logged in) so that it can actually be used to navigate recent / relevant community content. I find myself increasingly shying away from using QlikCommunity since the recent update because it takes more work to find relevant things (and because the notifications for threads I am active in appear to be bugged, but that's a different subject).


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