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Unable to Vote for Certain Ideas

Why is that I am unable to vote for certain ideas even when they are active? Adding a link to one where I don't have the option to vote:


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Ideation is not currently open that's why you are seeing the greyed out areas. We have not deleted that as a content type just in the process of overhauling the functionality and how it is used.

I will follow up with more details shortly, but in the meantime you will notice we are not actively promoting right now.

Regards, Sara

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I voted for the Idea you posted. The only funny thing is that the up/down arrows are gray, but they still work. You're not seeing any arrows to vote? Can you post a screenshot of your view of this Idea you cannot vote for?



Even I am not able to vote and I am not getting any up/down arrows


Have you tried clicking on the small green up arrow (or down) next to the points this idea has received?



No arrows and in addition, there is no way for me to comment as well. Its not true for all the ideas, only happen for few. I am unable to determine whats the difference between the ones I can vote and the ones where I am not allowed to?

Here you go:



Don't have that option and don't even have the option to post comments for those ideas as well


Hi Sunindia,

Please refer this blogs

New QlikCommunity Ideas Area

Thanks & Regards,
Mayil Vahanan R

I did check it out, but no where does it mention that I there are certain ideas which certain people cannot vote for or did I miss that part somewhere?




Please refer the comments given by sara.

Hello Nicolas and Angad,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. Yes please contact your account rep to associate your Community profile with your customer or partner account. When that is complete you will be able to vote on and create ideas.

Have a great day!


Thanks & Regards,
Mayil Vahanan R

Its weird and I fail to understand how can I ever distinguish between which ideas I can vote for and which once I cannot. I mean it isn't that some ideas are more sacred then others. I should either have the right to vote on all or none.